Frequently Asked Questions

As a member what are the rules about visiting other chapters?
You are more than welcome to visit other chapters and this is actually promoted within HBBA. The rule is simply this: Guests always go after members. If a member of the chapter is your direct competition you simply say your name and announce that you are competition with a member. That member may allow you to give your 60 second speech, but that is up to the member.

As an individual why can't I join more than one chapter?
HBBA is about bringing as many people together for the purpose of networking as possible. If you fill multiple spots within the HBBA you are preventing other people from joining the group. In the past we did have a member that tried to join every chapter of the HBBA in order to keep her competition out. She prevented other great people from networking with us and also was unable to maintain fair numbers within any of the chapters she participated in.

Why does HBBA allow guests to receive referrals?
It is simply because HBBA believes in Networking. If a person took the time to visit a chapter and someone has a referral for that visitor why wouldn't we want to share a referral? A guest that reaps the rewards of referrals is more likely to say positive things and also is more likely to join HBBA. HBBA is about giving. We give to each other, we give to the community, when possible we give to charity and those who need our help and the more we give the better each of us succeed as human beings.

How many times can a person visit a different chapter?
This is up to the individual chapters. As a member you should be making the attempt to visit other chapters but do not abuse the hospitality. If you find another chapter you enjoy visiting you may consider letting that chapter know that you are more than happy to be a substitute. As a sub if someone knows they are going to miss a meeting they can contact you and you fill in for that person. This benefits you because you have been invited back and it benefits the chapter because they have more seats filled.

Is there such a thing as a HBBA Honorary member?
There is no such thing as an honorary member in our bylaws or in practice. The closest thing to that are non-profits that are represented in a chapter and in order to have their dues waived the chapter needs to request those dues waived from the district and executive boards just to let them know why the number of members doesn’t match with the dues paid and to make sure they are a legitimate non-profit. The rules of their participation are up to the chapter, but I recommend they attend at least on meeting per quarter.

If a chapter meets at an establishment, does that establishment automatically become an HBBA honorary member?
Just because a chapter meets somewhere does not obligate the chapter to make the establishment a member. Chapters are independent organizations that can determine their own membership as long as it is not discriminatory in nature due to Federal Laws regarding non-profit status. (ie. You cannot have a chapter that only allows white males.) It is a good practice to offer the organization a membership and try to get them to participate but not a requirement. If people want to write referrals to George Street Café, they should invite them to join. If they are not a member of the organization you cannot write them a referral.
Does an establishment where an HBBA meeting is held have to pay HBBA dues, either by the chapter or themselves. All HBBA members must pay dues to the executive and district board unless they are waived by the board or policy of the specific board. If the chapter decides to pay those dues for that organization that is their choice.

If a chapter chooses to pay the establishments dues, can they also decide that the establishment does not have to attend bi-monthly meetings?
Policies of the chapter will determine attendance requirements. While the chapter is a member of HBBA and has to comply with the bylaws and policies of HBBA, the operations of the chapter are up to the members of the chapter. In other words, HBBA has a recommended attendance policy but the chapter can decide their own specific policy to fit their own needs. Because many chapters hold meeting during the breakfast and lunchtime rush, we usually see the establishment’s representative “pop in” to the meeting for their commercial and to meet with the members so that they can develop the relationship that can get HBBA members to use their facilities outside of the meeting.

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