Why Join HBBA?

  1. Quality Referrals. The HBBA focuses on quality referrals and monitors the level of participation of each of its members.

  2. The Culture of HBBA is designed to encourage the greatest possibility of success by teaching the path to identifying success and creating a personal plan to achieve it.

  3. HBBA encourages leadership and personal development.

  4. Low Annual membership. The Average HBBA membership is less than $100.00 per year

  5. Small time commitment. Most HBBA chapters meet only twice per month.

  6. Mass networking opportunities. Several times per year the HBBA holds events open to all chapters and guests.

  7. Website exposure. Each member of the HBBA is permitted to list their business on the HBBA website which receives over 25,000 hits per month.

  8. Education and Mentoring. The HBBA promotes education and guidance for all members.

  9. Chapter to Chapter referral passing. The HBBA believes in passing referrals between chapters and throughout our network.

  10. Growth. The HBBA is continually looking to expand each current chapter and at the same time generate new chapters to meet our member needs.

  11. Member Discounts. Many members extend discounts of services or products to HBBA members. Many times the savings by having a membership outweighs the membership dues paid.

  12.  Friendships and long term relationships. The HBBA is more than just a networking group the HBBA believes your best referrals sources should be people that care about your success.

  13.  Communication. HBBA always tries to keep each member informed of different events and deals that may be of use to each business.

  14.  Affiliation. HBBA members have pride in their chapters and trust in the membership throughout the organization that can create instant rapport and opportunity.

There are many benefits to an HBBA membership. The HBBA focuses on the success of each member and continually looks for ways to insure this success. For about $100.00 per year the HBBA drives great referrals to your front door and many relationships will be formed that will last you a life time. To learn more visit an HBBA chapter near you.

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